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Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Digital Device Policy
Bring Your Own Digital Device Agreement
Student Digital Practice and Safety Agreement

These devices would be helpful but not essential to a student at Melville Intermediate.  We already provide computer access to every student at school.  We have 200 computers in our school which are used regularly in all classrooms. Students use Google for creating and saving files. Each student will be provided with a school email address which allows them to access and save to Google from school and elsewhere. The Google accounts of students are managed and monitored from school. Tablets and Laptop devices can be brought to school by students once a parent and student have signed our “Bring Your Own Digital Device Agreement.”  They will connect wirelessly to our school wi-fi network.  Our network is able to monitor and track usage. Please note that digital devices with 3G or 4G capability have additional conditions that need to be met by the student. 

Mobile Phones

Our mobile phone policy allows students to bring a mobile phone to school if they have brought a note to the school office that has been written and signed by a parent informing the school that their child will be bringing a phone to school. Your child is required to leave their phone in the school office during the school day (8.40am to 3.00pm).

If these conditions are not met and your child has not brought a note from home authorising them to bring a phone to school then their phone will be taken off them and you will be informed. You will need to come into school to collect their phone from the office. If you would like to leave a message for your child, you can ring our school office during the school day and we will get the message to them.

Please note that students who breach either our mobile phone policy or our BYODD policy will have their agreement suspended or terminated depending on the nature of the breach.